Rafiki Training
Management systems training specialists


Our courses are customer specific and are presented onsite or online only

Do you want an effective management system?

Consider our company specific courses focusing on the activities, processes, products and services in your organization

Our focus

We specialize in courses offered exclusively to one customer or company. In this case we don't waste the time of the students by discussing different companies that they are not familiar with. For example, when we train service industries we do not use examples from factories - we focus on the processes in that company.

Our approach

Although we use standard training material, we customize our presentation to exclusively focus on the activities, processes, products and services applicable to your company.  We give special attention to the process approach and risk based thinking as required by the management system standards

Courses are presented to small groups ( 1 - 10 students)

Benefits and outcomes of our training interventions

The information about the specific processes, products and services in your company are used to create a roadmap or navigator. This document contains a high level process map and explains how all the requirements in the different standards apply to your company.

Risk registers, specific to your organization are completed during the training 

The importance of the nonconformity and corrective action processes are discussed in detail. This is often the neglected part of a management system

Students will understand the importance of documentation and how it is used to mitigate risks and to ensure improvement to the management system

Cost savings since courses can be attended on-site or Zoom or MS Teams

Methodology and flexibility 

Onsite or inhouse courses

These courses are offered at a venue supplied by your organization. 

It is important that students are not disturbed during these training sessions.

Facilitator-led interactive online courses

Courses can be presented on the Zoom or MS Teams platforms.

Delegates need to have access to a laptop or PC and a stable internet connection

Participation by all attendees is essential during the online presentations

One-on-one sessions work well on these platforms