ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor course


This is a comprehensive 3 day course to help delegates develop skills to conduct effective internal audits

It is advisable to combine this course with the Understanding and Implementation course. A combined Understanding and Internal course can be presented in-house over a period of 5 days.

Prerequisite for attending the course

Completion of a ISO 9001:2015 Understanding course (2 days minimum)


3 day


Public dates

Course fee per learner

In-house courses: An official quotation will be issued for in-house courses. In-house courses are presented to a minimum of 3 learners


In-house courses: Venue arranged by the company

Course content

  • Audit definitions and concepts
  • Audit responsibilities
  • Scheduling of audits
  • Audit planning and preparation
  • Compiling checklists
  • Evaluation of documentation
  •  Opening meetings
  • Following the process approach when auditing
  • On-site activities
  • Writing audit findings and nonconformities
  • Preparing audit conclusions
  • Closing meetings
  • Reporting audit results
  • Conducting an audit follow-up
  • Written exam after lunch on 3rd day

Who should attend

Anyone involved with the implementation, maintenance and auditing of ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management Systems


A certificate of successful completion will be issued to learners who passed the exam. The pass mark for the exam is 60%